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The ancient landscape of Western Australia was laid down millions of years ago, and has since been subject to so much erosion that it is now almost flat. The northern rivers run dry for much of the year, and the ‘hills’ are little more than escarpments and ridgelines. The sheer size of Western Australia means an enormous variety of landscapes, environments, climate zones and native flora and fauna.

To see all these riches, there’s a good variety of options for travel around WA, from guided tours to self-drive, tag-along trips and coach tours. Camp out or stay in luxury, the choice is endless.

The South-West: Margaret River and the Jarrah Forests

Within easy reach of Perth, the south-west is among the most popular of WA’s destinations. Stretching from the metropolitan area to the south-west tip, the area encompasses the tall karri and jarrah forests around Pemberton, the wheatbelt further inland, the sea-change communities along the coast and the wine-growing districts around Margaret River.

Hip and sophisticated, the south-west is a beautiful destination for anyone.

The Great Southern: Albany, Esperance and the Nullabor Plain

Along the south coast adjacent to the Great Southern Ocean, this area is rich in opportunities for eco-tourism: long wild walks, mountain biking and whale-watching, to name a few.

With azure bays, rugged cliffs and golden sands stretching east to the Nullabor, the Great Southern is a wildlife haven and environmental paradise. The historic port town of Albany was WA’s first European settlement, while Esperance and the Bay of Isles continue the historic and environmental theme.

The Gascoyne: Shark Bay and Monkey Mia; Coral Bay

The most westerly point of the Australian mainland, Shark Bay and the surrounding area is a marine wonderland of fish, turtles, dolphins and the extraordinary Hamelin Pool stromatolites, which all contributed to the listing of the area as World Heritage.

Further north, Coral Bay is the small seaside community from where you can snorkel to see the world’s biggest fish: the whale shark. Coral Bay is the launching pad for the Ningaloo Reef, recently saved from developers by Western Australian people power.

Inland are the seasonal rivers and dry, red plains of the cattle country leading to the deserts of central Australia. Here is Mt Augustus, the world’s largest rock.

The Goldfields: Kalgoorlie

Perhaps the most historic and romantic of WA’s regions, the goldfields still have that pioneering spirit that so characterized the early European exploration and settlement of this area. Today the ‘capital’ of the goldfields, Kalgoorlie, offers all types of accommodation and sophisticated nightlife, along with the chance to pan for gold and ‘live’ in the bush.

The Kimberley and Pilbara

Whatever you have imagined about Australia’s north-west, you will still be stunned by the astonishing colours, landforms and wildlife, the like of which you will never see anywhere else: deep red earth, turquoise seas, dark green pools and gorges, shed-sized termite mounds, boab trees, green jasper bars and blood-red iron ore boulders. And there are over 300 plants endemic to the Kimberley! Want to know more? Then book yourself a trip to this extraordinary area as part of your total Western Australian experience.

The Kimberley and Pilbara regions occupy the topmost third of the state of WA. Rich in minerals and gemstones, the north-west still exhibits a wild beauty like nothing else on earth. This is a great wilderness of immense proportions, encompassing a variety of wildlife and landforms that will truly boggle your mind. But remember, to experience this region fully you need to give it some time.

Winter (May to October) is the best time to visit the Kimberley and Pilbara. The daytime temperatures are still around 25-30ºC, and the nights cool, while the sparkling blue days and low rainfall mean extremely pleasant conditions, whether you’re out in the desert, down a gorge or lazing on a beach.

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