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Take a ferry to easy-living Rottnest Island ( for snorkelling, diving and quokka-watching. ‘Rotto’ is just 18km off the coast, but it’s a universe of its own showcasing an extraordinary variety of wildlife adapted to the dry, salty conditions. Rottnest used to be the favoured destination of honeymooning couples; now it’s more likely to see school-leavers celebrating their end-of-school rites and suburban Perth families relaxing on holiday. Rottnest accommodation is limited, so be sure to book well in advance for your holiday.

This really is paradise waiting to happen: sunny days at the beach, cool nights under the stars, coral diving and snorkelling, getting about on a bike, lazing in the shade, casting a fishing-line and chilling out with a cold beer. Play a round of golf, join a guided tour or take in a movie at the historic Picture Hall.

Rottnest is home to a protected colony of quokkas (setonix brachyurus), a cat-sized marsupial that has survived the ravages of its cousins on the mainland through the absence of feral animals and land-hungry settlers. Unique and precious, the quokka is a tourist’s delight and is readily seen during the day.

To get to Rottnest you can sail, take a ferry from Perth (one hour) or Fremantle (25 minutes), or fly from Jandakot airfield in 10-15 minutes. You can even swim the 20km in the Fremantle-Rottnest Open Water Classic, which takes place every March (

Remember when you’re out in the sun, wear a hat and a highly-rated sunscreen.

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