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Perth is situated 31º57’S and 115º 51’E. It shares approximate latitude and its west coast position with Cape Town in South Africa and Santiago in Chile.


Perth’s domestic and international airport is around 10km east of the city along the Great Eastern Highway. Many international flights make Perth their first stop in Australia, especially those from Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

The domestic network offers frequent, direct flights from all the other capitals and some regional centres. Perth is a three-hour flight from Melbourne or Sydney.

The airfield at Jandakot, east of Fremantle, is the leaving-point for Rottnest Island.


Interstate trains arrive in the city centre, from where it’s an easy transition to suburban trains, buses, coaches and taxis. The interstate train from Sydney is known as the Indian-Pacific and is one of the world’s great train rides, stopping at Perth and including the world’s longest stretch of straight railway track across the Nullabor Plain. For more than 450km the track does not deviate, and neither does the scenery: a vast, flat treeless plain covering much of south-eastern WA and western SA. The Indian-Pacific, as its name suggests, connects the two oceans and is one of the world’s longer single-train journeys: 4,352km from Sydney to Perth. Hop off the train for optional sight-seeing tours at Broken Hill, Perth and Kalgoorlie. You will also stop at Cook, a ‘settlement’ of two people and see classic Australian wildlife, including the majestic wedge-tailed eagle.

Metropolitan Transport

Around the metropolitan area there are numerous bus transport services forming a network throughout the suburbs. The main train line runs from Guildford / Perth / Fremantle, stopping at all suburban stations on the way. For a prettier way to travel it’s well worth taking a ferry to Fremantle, and on to Rottnest if you fancy some island life. Check the Transperth website at ( for train, bus and ferry information.


The time in Perth and the rest of Western Australia is:

  • Greenwich mean time + 8 hours
  • 2 hours behind the eastern states (Queensland, NSW and Victoria)
  • 3 hours behind NSW and Victoria during daylight saving (end October to end March)
  • 1.5 hours behind Western Australia

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